Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Vlad

So I didn't get to see Beach House after all due to friends cancelling plans and me being unable to find the place myself if I wanted to. Bleh.
Oh well. Instead I got an issue of Russh and I-D, plus a pair of tap shoes for the fun of it. I'm a bit disgusted with myself for buying so much stuff lately.
In fact I declare today the end of it. Otherwise I've brought in about 10 rolls of film to develop and started reading Speak, Memory which is Nabokov's autobiography.
I assume deeper thoughts and more writing will come with the fall. Goodbye August!

photo: ana kras


  1. I read "Speak, Memory" long ago as part of a class in Nabokov I took. I remember it being really interesting, although my memory is fading:).

  2. Hah, I've bought so much stuff too lately, I think it's just my way to handle stress (my final tests are soon). Suddenly and somehow everything I see just seems so lovely that I gotta buy em no matter what :-D I'm a maniac... Is that book great?

  3. tap shoes? that's super.
    i, too, am outraged by the amount i spend on things such as magazines, cds, crayons and old books, but only when i allow myself to stop and actually feel outraged. it's ridiculous.

    as for August, goodbye and good riddance, i think.