Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've got a luv ully buncha coconuts

Made a second attempt at watching this the other night/morning, only this time at 2 AM and with company.

No wonder i didn't like it the first time, how could this ever be watched alone and at a conventional time?
Highlights: Ringo losing his temper at his aunt, Beatles as magicians, Mr. Bloodvessel confesses his love to Ringo's aunt, John shovels spaghetti, "but if you look to your right..", Victor Spinetti, Food food beautiful food, tent theatre, etc. etc. etc. The music too obviously.
I would also like wallpaper, bed sheets, and suits made out of the multiple Georges at the start of this clip.

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  1. Thanks for this clip:). Magical Mystery Tour is OK but "A Hard Day's Night " is my favorite Beatles movie.