Friday, July 31, 2009

Bird Boy

coming home was the best feeling ever. it still is. i missed the overcast days and the quiet sun.
the records i bought were all reissues which i usually avoid, cause i like the feeling of playing something that someone's already listened to and i feel like i'm being trendy or something buying new ones. eh. plus its cheaper finding old ones. anyway, i got
The Velvet Underground & Nico,
The Velvet Underground- White Light/White Heat,
The Rolling Stones - Out of Our Heads
Talking Heads: 77

It's starting to get dark out at night and I'm dreading school. Or really just the people there. Although I am signing up for a lot of art classes to distract me.
I'm being boring and talking about weather and routines but bear with me until i get back into the eh, feeling of blogging. I actually do have some good things to post! But now I'm practically falling asleep in my chair..


  1. A nice photo, and some great records there:). The Velvet Underground and Nico is my favorite VU record, and Out of Our Heads is one of my favorite Stones records, "Between the Buttons" being my favorite.
    I usually avoid reissues too, unless I can't find an original, or the original is really expensive.

    Speaking of records that have been handled before, I ran across the article earlier today.

  2. ah! that's too funny. i read that story right before i wrote this post and almost mentioned it but was too tired to do a retelling any justice. what a strange and wonderful thing to happen.

  3. Indeed. I always like finding old records with stickers with someones name on them, because you know that someone owned and enjoyed them. I've found some interesting ones, but nothing remotely as great as this.