Thursday, July 30, 2009

Italy Review/Numbers - Part 1.

super artsy with sunglasses in front of the lens...


I don't think i'll get my film till late August or early September and I'm kinda bummed i have to wait so long. I hate posting these High-Res Digital pictures. It makes me feel like a dad who has just discovered the wonders of the digital age and bought himself the best camera he can find/is told there is. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. Most of those I've met have been friendly..)

Rolls of film shot: 6
Ell-pees bought: 4
Gelatos eaten: 3 1/2
Jellyfish stings: 5
Italian words learned: 3
Plates of Pasta eaten: 5

Things broken:
-Camera Lens

Things lost:
-Other Sunglasses
-5 Euros

Pietrasanta is lush wonderful and hot. People are generous and mostly happy.
I still think Norway is more beautiful though.
It was such a relief to get on a plane full of Norwegians after not understanding a word of Italian anywhere i went. I felt like everyone on the plane was my family.


  1. Welcome back Anna! looking forward to seeing your pictures when they come back - and of of course i want to know what LP's you bought:).

  2. ha a couple just visited my family and the man was exactly like that. He took all these strange pictures of my brother playing baseball and laughed really loud. Glad you're back!