Sunday, July 19, 2009


Be back in 10 days. Lots of Edith Piaf on the plane I'm guessing, La Vie en Rose has been in my head all day. I wanted to preset some posts, but I waited till last minute and now i haven't the time to do so. Lots of pictures when I'm back! Adieu for now...

Photo- Me


  1. great one.
    thanks for linking and following. i will add you too 'cause your blog is one of the great.

  2. Lovely photo, have a great time! x

  3. i just watched that two days ago...i hadn't known really anything about her before then, and after watching the movie i can't really stop thinking about it either. what an amazing performance miss cotillard gave. and what a sad life miss piaf had. i could hardly watch when she found out that marcel had been killed in the plane crash. oh, how sad that was! i hope you have a very safe and smooth flight home :)

    <3, angelica

  4. oh i'm glad i found your new blog.
    seriously, your photos always brighten my day just that little bit.