Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fjell Tur

And now I'm off on a two-day mountain adventure. I was sure I'd run completely out of film and went around to everyone whining about it when my aunt nearly broke down the door to my house, pleased she'd found some laying around for me. So there will be no lack of obsessive life documenting (in color) luck-ully.

I'm reading Cities of the Red Night by Burroughs which I'm really liking, and this other book i kind of stole from my aunts shelf in Italy called Kiss My Tiara. It's hilarious in it's outdated and cool mom-ish use of language. It's pretty much a feminist guide to life kind of book, but It's nearly impossible to take seriously cause of how it's written. Although it raises some good points. Despite the title...

I went to a newly opened thrift store in the next town from me today and bought Spike by Elvis Costello on Vinyl, an old leather purse, and a wool coat with toggles that fits perfectly.
Now I'm wondering how i want to go about presenting my photography and such this year.
And I miss having everything on one blog. Argh.
I might have posted this picture before but I don't remember.


  1. Enjoy your trip! I'm glad you found a copy of Spike.

  2. Gorgeous picture and enjoy your holiday! Glad you found some film :)

  3. Oh dear, did I exactly copy what you said on the tumblr post?

  4. oh no it's fine, i just thought it was funny how our manner of typing it was similar, like "i.. made a tumblr?"