Monday, October 12, 2009

Dust me off, I'm a trophy wife

1. Man Man- The Man In the Blue Turban With a Face 2. Animal Collective- Feels 3. Siouxsie and The Banshees- The Scream 4. Paavoharju- Laulu laakson kukista 5. Wavves- Wavvves 6. Nancy Sinatra- Boots.

Mostly stuff i've been listening to for a while now and brought back into the cycle. I also like Nancy Sinatra's album Sugar but I couldn't find a decent picture of the cover.
Then there's also this song that's been a guilty pleasure since the end of summer. Whatta happy video.. Guilty pleasure cause something about the vocals make me embarrassed to listen to it with people other than my little sister.

I've written about Paavoharju here before, but I like them even more as of thursday. I was sitting in study hall on a rainy day reading The Fall of The House Of Usher by Poe when it came on. It was a perfect match. It made me want to go home and print out photos to put in albums. (Which I actually did)

Otherwise, I've got a cold and it's 1:30 am and I need my sleep and I would much rather stay home and eat soup in my newly rearranged room with my cactus who I might call Nathan and my little white christmas lights. But Midterms are coming. So I'm being a responsible student and at least physically attending class..
And then later dropping off a care package at my grounded best friends house. I think i'll include clementines, they always make me feel better. And a photo I found that I took last year, of her feeding a popsicle to her pet rats that disappeared.


  1. There's a great Singaporean cover version of "Sugar Town" on one of the "Girls in the Garage" collections - a bit like Dara Puspita meets Nancy Sinatra:).

  2. i love animal collective<3 yeah never ending story is amazing so it's no wonder that you watched it over and over again as a kid. it's so crazy, the theme song of never ending story is playing in my mind all the time :D

  3. bob- that sounds great! do you have a link to that you could send me perhaps? i'd love to hear it.

    netta- its been too long since i've seen it! i'll have to rent it again soon.

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  5. And the correct link now:)

    It's towards the end of this show. The link is incorrect: the song actually starts at the beginning of the Love Drunks song. I'm not sure if it will work if you don't have Real Player. I'll send you the mp3 when I find my "Girls in the Garage Volume 9 disc:).

  6. ahh, awesome. mp3 would be much appreciated as well if you have the time :)