Sunday, September 6, 2009

Verdens Beste

Problems I am facing:
-If i put all my new photos on Flickr, It'll be overwhelming, unorganized, give me nothing to work off of, and the best pictures won't get deserved attention..
-But then again, I want family/friends to see them all...
-You can't post letters on Sundays.
-I need Stamps (easily solved)
-Messy room, Broken Vacuum
-Sudden desire to wear only sequins

Troubled life indeed... Pft.
Photo was taken at a family reunion where I didn't know most people, but they baked the most delicious cakes, so.
P.S. Did someone "big" link me? I'm getting so many hits suddenly it seems. Woo, do continue.


  1. Maybe you should just post the photos a few at a time? Eventually you will have them all posted, and all will be seen.

  2. well i'm certainly not 'big' but i just linked you on my tumblr telling people that your photos were amazing, if that's worth anything.

    though, it's probably just a coinkidink.

    ps. the foodstuff pictured looks delicious!

  3. psps. lots of people agreed that your photos are indeed, amazing. thought you might want to know.