Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rainbow Everywhere

I'm bored out of my mind and blank.
I borrowed by uncle's Seinfeld DVDs. I've seen them all before. (They're still fab)
I've only listened to Wavves in the past two days.
I've probably posted this picture before. Have to wait forever for new pictures. Blah.
My friend asked me if i bought Miss Dior Cherie cause of the Sofia Coppola ad but i actually had it waaay before that so i felt really cool and all.
Yesterday I climbed across the underside of a bridge.
I dare everyone who reads this to comment.


  1. seriously, you take amazing pictures

  2. I agree with Eira - and that's quite an accomplishment climbing across the underside of a bridge.

  3. I'm now following on the bottom of the page, I guess I wasn't before? You still showed up on my blogger home page though.
    How does one climb on the underside of a bridge, were there low lying beams to perch on?