Thursday, August 27, 2009

Auburn & Ivory

Hello! Sorry for the absence, busy days. I've gotten lost, gotten shoes, gotten friends, and don't wake up feeling empty anymore. It's the most carefree i've ever been, and definitely a nice change. I'm seeing Beach House on Sunday. Eh, and Grizzly Bear, but I don't care much for them anymore. To be honest i didn't watch more than 30 seconds of this video, but it's got the song, so. Hope you're all well.


  1. good for you for making friends. where do you find them? I could use some help.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better and carefree:).

    You last post made me think of this, which I think you will find interesting.

  3. mary- at a sort of lousy party my old friend took me to. but now that i really think about it, most of those people were aquaintances that i simply got to know better.. i suppose i'mnot much better off.
    also, what happened to clotted? is it invite only now?

    bobb- that's amazing!